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#Rank NameName Games RatioRatio 3/6/12 months Parts.Pending draw PricePrice PlayPlay
- Millonetisweekly 0,100,110,14 128 0,59€ 0
- Arenas de G.C.weekly 0,310,250,27 80 1,18€ 0
- ★★★EL GATO NEGRO★★★weekly 0,140,140,12 64 0,59€ 0
- Corazón Azul weekly 0,000,000,00 18 0,59€ 0
- LA MÁS RENTABLE daily 0,380,380,37 14 1,77€ 0
- PATA NEGRA 3.0daily 0,720,690,69 6 1,77€ 0
- templodaily 0,130,130,13 5 0,59€ 0
- MAHALAXMI .FORTUNAdaily 0,000,000,00 4 1,77€ 0
- Milagros weekly 0,000,000,00 4 0,59€ 0
1108 Nyk_nykweekly 0,200,240,24 2 0,89€ 0
- Ricchi e Ricchi Iweekly 0,100,110,19 2 0,59€ Private
- BONOLOTO REDUCIDAS.weekly 0,090,110,19 2 0,59€ 0
- 10%✨GARANTIZADO✨weekly 0,080,090,15 2 0,59€ 0
- Bono Loto winweekly 0,000,000,00 2 0,59€ 0
- Colloadaweekly 0,540,500,58 1 2,95€ Private
48 El Gordo 2024 Golddaily 0,310,300,29 1 1,77€ 0
- Gordo Robencinodaily 0,310,420,42 1 1,77€ 0
- Acierto seguroweekly 0,000,000,00 1 2,95€ 0
- Londonweekly 1,030,800,59 0 2,95€ 0
- suerte en tus manosweekly 0,720,490,61 0 2,95€ 0
- Rojuweekly 0,600,590,51 0 1,77€ Private
- Correlimos Gordodaily 0,580,580,58 0 1,77€ 0
- QETUO+weekly 0,390,440,77 0 2,95€ 0
- El trébol mágicoweekly 0,290,450,45 0 2,95€ 0
- TU DIA FELIZweekly 0,250,600,53 0 2,95€ 0
- Micuquiñaweekly 0,250,330,11 0 0,89€ 0
- Norocel DVGweekly 0,170,310,31 0 1,77€ 0
- POR LA HUMILDAD! weekly 0,160,140,12 0 0,59€ 0
- ⭐$UPER BOTE$ ⭐weekly 0,110,080,20 0 0,59€ 0
- Los de hispalotoweekly 0,080,170,16 0 0,59€ 0
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How do you play in groups at El Gordo?

The Hispaloto groups are groups of users to share the plays with those participating in draws. You can form a group with your friends and/or family, create a public group for anyone to join, or join a public group. The concept of the group is that the participants contribute an amount that is then used to select combinations that will be played among all participants, receiving the prizes in proportion to the amount they have contributed

Participation mechanism

  1. Creation: the creator is the one who initiates the group, choosing the name of the group, the games which will be played and its visibility: public o private
  2. Settings: the creator chooses the “base game” for the group, which will be the one who is going to determine its minimum price for participating. This will be the main game
  3. Participation: participants will contribute adding the amount they want to participate with, always a multiple of the main game, which will be used by the creator/administrator to choose the combinations
  4. Bets selection: the administrator/s of the group will choose the combinations that will be played using the whole amount contributed by the participants. This can be done at any moment before the deadline, and can choose combinations for the different games played in the group. If the deadline is reached and there exists un-assigned funds, the system will try to choose the bets automatically
  5. Results: once all the draws have finished, each participant will receive the prize based on the contributed amount

Frequently asked questions

  • Which combinations can be chosen by the administrator? The administrator can use the accumulated funds in the group to choose the combinations based on his/hers own criteria. For example, can choose a multiple bet, a single one…etc.
  • What happens if the administrator doesn’t choose the combinations? Once the time period for playing at the group has finished, if the creator has not chosen the combinations, the system will try to choose them automatically
  • What happens if the funds of the group is below the price of a combination? If after choosing the combinations there are remaining funds but not enough for choosing a complete bet in any of the games played by the group (the minimal combination for Bonoloto is at least 2 bets), the remaining funds will be refunded to each participant proportionally to the contributed amount
  • What games are played in a group? The administrators of the group will define the games that can be played in it, and can be seen in the group’s info page. If they decide to change these games, they will be modified for the next cycles and never for the current one. The base game cannot be modified

Travel, enjoy, smile, a car, a mega-house, a boat, assist to the best parties, go to a festival, visit to the most luxurious hotels in the world, go with whomever you want, help others ... Hispaloto is for those who love life and want all that and much more

And to achieve all that, the best is having a great ally: mathematical formulas, giant clubs, public groups of players or create yours with your friends, maximum security and without losing your receipts

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