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Syndicate Quinieleros

Season finished for the club

The club is coming back in the next season

Normally, the club plays the rounds of the regular season and main competitions, but it doesn’t play on summer rounds. We are back on august!

How do you play the Syndicate «Quinieleros»?

As we are many, we play more bets! In the syndicates of Hispaloto you play together with other users and you can play many more bets at an unimaginable price. A lot of bets defined by the Formula are played. It is the best way to participate with a large number of optimized bets and combinations that, played by a single player, would not be easy to close, due to its high cost. In this lottery, this is possible!

Combinations and bets

From the moment in which the lottery is put into play you can see the predictions, live. The formula is used to make higher-value bets, which are more likely to win than with a simple bet. Small or simple bets are based on the stakes in play and the number of bets to seal. The bets that are played with the formula increase according to the shares sold.

Start playing!


You can play all the participations you want! The number of participants and participations that make up the draw may vary, since it is a growing lottery. This means that the peña can grow in participations, and therefore in the number of bets to play. The club starts with a number of available participations, but once all the initial participations have been purchased, it is allowed to continue buying more participations.

The «close» of the bets is set approximately 2 hours before the draw; the numbers are played and notified to all participants of the bets to be played by email, and are also available in the user panel.

How many weeks to play

You can play from 1 to 40 weeks. The main advantage of playing more weeks is that your shares are established, avoiding, for example, later issues with payment methods such as credit card, or that the shares are sold out and you can not play. Also, you can get discounts by playing more weeks.

Automatic Renewals

If you do not want to miss any draw, you can check the automatic renewal and you will be automatically subscribe for the purchase you made. Every monday, as long as you have an active subscription to the draw, we will send you an email with the details of your subscriptions for that week, and you will also be charged with the amount of your bets.
You can manage and cancel your subscriptions at any time from your User Panel.


The prizes are shared among all participants in proportion to the number of participations that each player has played. So, if you play two participations you can get double the amount awarded per participation; if you play three participations you can get triple, and so on, depending on the number of participations you play. The statistics of the prizes obtained in the last raffles in which the club participated, are shown in the group's information.

Travel, enjoy, smile, a car, a mega-house, a boat, assist to the best parties, go to a festival, visit to the most luxurious hotels in the world, go with whomever you want, help others ... Hispaloto is for those who love life and want all that and much more

And to achieve all that, the best is having a great ally: mathematical formulas, giant clubs, public groups of players or create yours with your friends, maximum security and without losing your receipts

Welcome to premium lottery. It's time to win. What do we play today?

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