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1. What is the virtual balance?

It is a balance that you have available in your account and whose initial amount is €0.00. This balance can be increased by the amount you want. This amount will work as a kind of virtual wallet to buy bets

2. How to pay my bets?

  • By transfer:

    Yes,Hispaloto supports payment by transfer, but only to make balance income. You can not pay for a purchase with a transfered bet, since it requires three business days to reach our bank and reflect it in your user account

  • By credit card:

    Yes, Hispaloto admits payment by credit card, offering two types of payment:

    • Direct Payment: Managed directly from Hispaloto. Which will only require the data that appears on the same card number, expiration date and cvv
    • Banking Gateway Payment: Managed through the banking gateway of our bank. Previously, your credit card must be included in the verification protocol for secure e-commerce, which is an additional security step required by your bank and which must be reflected in order to complete the payment
  • By direct debit:

    To activate this option you must contact our Customer Service Center, to find out the documentation you must provide to activate this payment method

3. Cash of prizes

If you get a prize, we will automatically enter it into your user account, then you decide if you keep that money to continue playing or you transfer it to your bank account. If the amount of your prize is more than € 2,500, following the current legislation, you should contact our customer service to send us your scanned identification (ID / Passport). The prizes are subject to the withholdings established in the current legislation.

4. What to do if I forgot the password?

If you do not remember the password you registered with just click here and enter your NIF or EMAIL. You will soon receive an email with a temporary password with which you can access your user account in Hispaloto and change the provisional password to a new one, of your choice.

If you do not remember the email with which you registered, you should contact our customer service team

5. You can not access your account?

It is possible that some of the data you are entering to access your account is incorrect, so we advise you to correctly review the data in, case you have made a mistake in any character, or request a new password.

6. Where are my prizes?

No matter the amount of the prizes, they will be automatically addes to the virtual balance, once the draw ends and your ticket is scrutinized. This amount can be used to make future purchases using the virtual balance payment method, or you can request a withdrawal of balance.

7. Why do I not receive emails?

Es posible que su servidor de correo no nos acepte como remitente seguro, por lo que puede que los emails estén llegando a la bandeja de correo no deseado. Le aconsejamos que configure su cuenta de correo para que acepte las direcciones [email protected] y [email protected] como remitente seguro, para que le llegue sin problema todos los emails relacionados con Hispaloto.

8. Why can I not modify some data in my profile?

Because they are considered sensitive data, unique to each user and that do not usually change over time (for example the DNI), to change any of these data you should contact Customer Service

9. Why can I not withdraw, if I have a positive balance?

Hispaloto only allows to withdraw the balance considered as Virtual Transferable Balance, which corresponds to the prizes paid by Hispaloto due to the participation in the different bets. It is not Virtual Transferable Balance and therefore can not be transferred to the user's bank account, (Virtual Balance Non-Transferable), the virtual balance entered by credit / debit card, transfer, deposit, or direct debit.

You can request a refund, in one payment per card, so that it can be refunded to the card

10. Why doesn't the full at 15 count as a hit?

The full 15 is considered a special prize category and will only be taken into account in case of guessing the 14 previous matches. So if you have hit 10 games and one of them is the full to 15, your number of hits is reduced to 9.

11. Why does not my refund appear on my bet?

The refund is not established at the time of purchase, but it is established on the day of the draw, even a few hours before the draw. Hispaloto ensures that each bet played will have its corresponding refund before the draw is held. You can check the refund by accessing the 'My Bets' section, by clicking on the magnifying glass. This is only eligible for Bonoloto and Primitiva.

12. What is the refund?

The refund is a number from 0 to 9, randomly chosen by the official validation terminals, so in any case established by the user. There is a special prize category for reimbursement.

13. What is the supplementary?

The supplementary is an additional number that is drawn in the raffle, in order to give the opportunity to raise the prize to whom guessed exactly five of the six numbers of the winning combination. You do not choose a supplementary: this is an additional number that is drawn in the draw and that must match one of the numbers of your combination, assuming that this combination also includes 5 of the 6 numbers of the winning combination. Therefore, the supplementary is only applicable in the 2nd prize category.

14. Why is not the winning amount of my bet in Bonoloto, Primitiva or Euromillions reflected?

As the indicated games also accept the weekly mode, until the end of the last draw, it will not reflect the total amount earned for the ticket throughout the week.

15. How many participants are there in the bet?

The number of participants of the club is established according to the existing jackpot of the corresponding game, so that the higher the jackpot is, the grater the number of participations; in order to generate more bets for the club and, through the optimized formula, hit the highest prize categories.

16. When does the requested amount reach my bank account?

The transfer may take between 2 to 3 business days, from the day you request the withdrawal. This transfer can be delayed depending on the bank and the type of transfer made; for example, international transfers will take more time.

17. What is an optimized formula?

Hispaloto allows it's users to play a combination of numbers, not only by the direct way, but also by the reduced method or optimized formulas. This method or formula consists on the user selecting a combination of numbers and, depending on the amount of numbers selected,Hispaloto offers the possibility of playing that combination, but in a smaller amount of bets,regarding the number of combinations that can be made by the direct method.

18. How to pay with virtual balance?

Once you have added bets to the car and proceed to purchase it, you must click the Virtual Balance icon. This option will appear active as long as the balance is higher than the total amount of the car. If this is not the case, the payment option for virtual balance will be disabled.

19. I'm a foreigner, can I play in Hispaloto?

Hispaloto allows to play all those users who do not live in Spain, as long as they have a valid passport, since Hispaloto may require a copy of the passport. Failure to provide such a copy may mean losing your status as a user and therefore the benefits it entails. Citizens living in a country that expressly prohibits participating in the Spain games, will not be able to register.

Última actualización: 22 de agosto de 2017

Note: this page is a translation. If you have any question about interpretation, you should always contact the Spanish version

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