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    Tuesday, 27 oct 20:00
  • Jackpot! 87.000.00087,0M
Tuesday, 27 october 2020
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Last Euromillions resultFriday, 23 october 2020

  • 10
  • 15
  • 19
  • 21
  • 23
Category Winners Prize
1ª (5+2) 0 0,00€
2ª (5+1) 3 261.553,33€
3ª (5+0) 26 7.053,38€
4ª (4+2) 31 1.842,61€
5ª (4+1) 1.410 74,63€
6ª (3+2) 1.612 69,00€
7ª (4+0) 3.375 23,16€
8ª (2+2) 22.625 17,27€
9ª (3+1) 49.699 8,77€
10ª (3+0) 124.813 6,50€
11ª (1+2) 110.757 8,88€
12ª (2+1) 622.490 4,97€
13ª (2+0) 1.551.438 3,21€

En el Sorteo de Euromillones celebrado hoy viernes 23 de octubre no ha habido boletos premiados en España de primera categoría (5 números más 2 estrellas).

Según ha informado SELAE, de segunda categoría (5 números más 1 estrella) ha habido 1 boleto premiado en España que recibirá un premio de 261.553,33 euros. El segundo premio ha sido vendido:


De tercera categoría (5 números) ha habido 8 boletos premiados en España, que recibirán un premio de 7.053,38 euros.

La combinación ganadora para este sorteo está conformado por los siguientes números 10 - 15 - 19 - 21 - 23 y las estrellas cuyos números corresponden al 3 y 12.

La recaudación para este sorteo ha ascendido al importe de 12.392.421,80€.

Fuente SELAE

How to play «Euromillions»?

EuroMillions is a European lottery game. Each EuroMillions bet consists in selecting 5 numbers from a table of 50 (numbers from 1 to 50) and two stars from a table of 12 numbers (from 1 to 12). It has two main game modes:

Simple bet:

You can play at least 1 bet and a maximum of 5 on the same ticket. To play a bet you must select 5 numbers and 2 stars in each block of the ticket. To play two bets the process is the same, select five numbers and two stars in the first block and five numbers and two stars in the second, and so on. Each block represents a bet and contains the numbers from 1 to 50 and stars from 1 to 12.

Multiple bet:

This mode is used to make higher value bets and with which you are more likely to win than with a simple bet. Only the first block of the ticket is used, and you can select more than 5 numbers in your bet and a maximum of 5 stars. You can play the following multiple bets:

  • 6 numbers and 2 stars (6 bets)
  • 7 numbers and 2 stars (21 bets)
  • 8 numbers and 2 stars (56 bets)
  • 9 numbers and 2 stars (126 bets)
  • 10 numbers and 2 stars (252 bets)
  • 5 numbers and 3 stars (3 bets)
  • 6 numbers and 3 stars (18 bets)
  • 7 numbers and 3 stars (63 bets)
  • 8 numbers and 3 stars (168 bets)
  • 9 numbers and 3 stars (378 bets)
  • 10 numbers and 3 stars (756 bets)
  • 5 numbers and 4 stars (6 bets)
  • 6 numbers and 4 stars (36 bets)
  • 7 numbers and 4 stars (126 bets)
  • 8 numbers and 4 stars (336 bets)
  • 9 numbers and 4 stars (756 bets)
  • 10 numbers and 4 stars (1512 bets)
  • 5 numbers and 5 stars (10 bets)
  • 6 numbers and 5 stars (60 bets)
  • 7 numbers and 5 stars (210 bets)
  • 8 numbers and 5 stars (560 bets)
  • 9 numbers and 5 stars (1260 bets)
  • 10 numbers and 5 stars (2520 bets)

Multiple bets can be played in two ways:

  • Live multiple bet: all the numbers in that combination are played directly

  • Multiple bet using formulas: is a unique mode ofHispaloto, which uses mathematical formulas to intelligently reduce the number of bets, while maintaining a success rate that the player can choose. It is a cheaper way to play multiple bets, and maintain a high probability of winning.

The Jackpot

The minimum jackpot for each Euromillions draw is 15 million euros. If the jackpot does not have a winner for a week, it accumulates for the next draw, the jackpot grows every week! There are also special draws like the Big Friday of Euromillions

"The Million" and The Rain of Millions

Every Friday Euromillions brings "El Millón" into play. It is a complementary game available exclusively in Spain. All players, who buy tickets for a week, whether for Tuesday's draw, Friday's or both, participate automatically in the game of "El Millón". When buying the ticket, a code is generated and if this matches the winning code, the bettor earns one million euros. The Rain of Millions brings into play 25 prizes of one million euros each.

Draws and renewals

Tuesdayt and/or Friday

Euromillions makes 2 weekly draws: one on Tuesdays and another on Fridays. There is no difference between them in terms of regulations, way of playing, prizes, etc. You can select which of the two to play or select weekly to play both and have a better chance of winning

How many weeks to play

You can play from 1 to 40 weeks. The main advantage of playing more weeks, is that your combinations are established avoiding, for example, later issues with payment methods such as credit cards. You can, also get discounts by playing more weeks.

Automatic Renewals

If you do not want to miss any Euromillions draw, you can check the automatic renewal and your combinations will be renewed every week, or if you have chosen to play for multiple weeks, they will be renewed at the of the cycle that you have chosen

Fund of Euromillions

If you like to have more options to get a good part, you can play in the «Primitive Fund». It consists in that you stay with 50% of the prizes of the bets that you play, and 50% of the prizes is distributed proportionally to the bets that have being played among all the participants in the fund. In this way, you also receive the prize that the rest of the participants have contributed to, to the fund. Remember that there are no commissions of any kind: all prizes are distributed full among those who participate

Prizes in Euromillions

  • 1st category: if all 5 numbers and 2 stars are correct
  • 2nd category: if you guess 5 numbers and 1 star
  • 3rd category: if only 5 numbers are correct
  • 4th category: if you hit 4 numbers and 2 stars
  • 5th category: if you hit 4 numbers and 1 star
  • 6th category: if 4 numbers are correct
  • 7th category: if 3 numbers and 2 stars are correct
  • 8th category: if 2 numbers and 2 stars are hit
  • 9th category: if 3 numbers and 1 star are correct
  • 10th category: if 3 numbers are correct
  • 11th category: if 1 number and 2 stars are correct
  • 12th category: if you guess 2 numbers and 1 star
  • 13th Category: If you hit 2 numbers

Travel, enjoy, smile, a car, a mega-house, a boat, assist to the best parties, go to a festival, visit to the most luxurious hotels in the world, go with whomever you want, help others ... Hispaloto is for those who love life and want all that and much more

And to achieve all that, the best is having a great ally: mathematical formulas, giant clubs, public groups of players or create yours with your friends, maximum security and without losing your receipts

Welcome to premium lottery. It's time to win. What do we play today?

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