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Draws that are played: Week 22 Jul - 28 Jul
Monday, 22 jul
Tuesday, 23 jul
Wednesday, 24 jul
Thursday, 25 jul
Friday, 26 jul
Saturday, 27 jul
Sunday, 28 jul

The bets

The bets are selected by the administrators before the draw. If they are not defined, an automated system will choose them

Fair distribution

All the prizes are distributed among all the participants in proportion to the bets they have added

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Tienes décimos seleccionados que no son abonables. No podemos abonarte a esos décimos, pero sí que te abonaremos a los demás que sí están disponibles.

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21 january 2024

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0,003 months 0,146 months 0,1412 months 0,14Total

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Draws played: 57
Draws with prizes: 2
Prizes obtained: 2,00€
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Higher prizes won
Date Prizes Ratio
28 jan 2024 1,00€ 0,50
11 feb 2024 1,00€ 0,17
How many shares?
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Automatic renewal

Tienes décimos seleccionados que no son abonables. No podemos abonarte a esos décimos, pero sí que te abonaremos a los demás que sí están disponibles.

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How to play in the Groups?

To play in a group you have to contribute with the participations you want to play. To do this, you only have to select the number of shares you wish to contribute to the group, click buy and they will be displayed in the Bets box as «My parts.» total of participations that are at stake in the group.The prizes are distributed proportionally to the bets placed. If you want to get a good piece from the jackpot, select a larger number of participations.

In which draws does the group play?

The draws in which this group can participate are those whose icon is highlighted. In the panel Bets the raffles that the group plays are shown. The bets can be made daily or weekly. The creator is in charge of selecting the draws in which to participate and to determine the bets to play.

In the case of the daily group it is always played for the next day. each day, the bets that the creator defines from one or several draws of the established ones in the group, are sealed. They will be played the total number of participations contributed by all the players in the group.
In the case of the weekly group the bets are always played for the following week, and you can participate in any draw established in the group.

Start playing

If it is a public group you can join and begin to contribute participations from the first moment. If it's a private group, you have to request to join the supporters' peña. The news about your requests can be seen in your dashboard, and you will receive a notification indicating if the creator has accepted your request.

Closing of participations

The creator of the group is in charge of defining the bets and draws in which to play; you can choose between sealing single bets or multiple bets. If there is money accumulated, but it is not enough to play one more bet, this amount will be added to the prize obtained by the group and will be shared among all the players.If the time comes to seal the bets and the creator has not defined them, the «optimized seals will be established, which guarantees a combination of optimal bets to seal the highest number of participations in play.

How many weeks to play

You can play from 1 to 40 weeks. The main advantage of playing more weeks, is that your combinations are established avoiding, for example, later issues with payment methods such as credit cards. You can, also get discounts by playing more weeks.

Automatic Renewals

If you do not want to miss any Bonoloto raffle, you can check the automatic renewal and your combinations will be renewed every week. Or if you have chosen to play for multiple weeks, they will be renewed when the cycle that you have chosenis finished.


The prizes are distributed proportionally to the bets that they have played among all the participants. In the group information they are shown the statistics of the prizes obtained in the last raffles in which the group has participated, the higher prizes obtained and the historical players; and also the Ranking that the group occupies among all Hispaloto groups.

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Welcome to premium lottery. It's time to win. What do we play today?

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