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National Lottery

Jackpot 300.000,00

Online TENTH

Choose the number that will help you fulfill your dreams. If you are looking for a number that is not in the list, we will look for it, for the same price

What do you lose if you do not play with Hispaloto?

Hispaloto is your marketplace of lottery: play the lottery increasing your chances of winning, in clubs, in funds, create your own group, use mathematical formulas or just the classic ticket you have always been playing ... enjoy the trip!
Avoid trips to the lottery shop (cold, heat, rain, snow, meteorites ...), for both placing your bets or getting your prizes. Everything is also reflected in your Virtual Cash
You will no longer fear your worst nightmare: losing a receipt awarded with millions of euros. All your combinations are stored in lottery shops’ safes.
Real-time information of all your prizes: on the web, by email and in the Hispaloto APP: 100% control
Maximum security: Hispaloto is audited by the latest security protocols for transactions (PCI-DSS) by Acertigo, military-grade security in communications thanks to Redalia.
You contract a mandate service in which Hispaloto manages your combinations on your behalf in the collaborating State Lottery Administrations, and keeps them in their safes. The prize will go to your account

Travel, enjoy, smile, a car, a mega-house, a boat, assist to the best parties, go to a festival, visit to the most luxurious hotels in the world, go with whomever you want, help others ... Hispaloto is for those who love life and want all that and much more

And to achieve all that, the best is having a great ally: mathematical formulas, giant clubs, public groups of players or create yours with your friends, maximum security and without losing your receipts

Welcome to premium lottery. It's time to win. What do we play today?

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